6 Preschool Math Activities for a Food and Nutrition Theme

Looking for a food and nutrition theme activity? These fruit and vegetable patterning mats could be used in a farm there or a gardening theme, too! And, it's a free printable. Teach your child healthy eating habits with this free printable for preschooler

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FINALLY! Here’s an AIP Guide that is written for busy women who want to heal their bodies but don’t have all day to spend in the kitchen!

Food and Nutrition Theme Preschool Songs and Printables - Tips from a Typical Mom

February in our preschool is Healthy Living Month! Here are some cute songs I found to help the kids remember to live healthy! Food and Nutrition Themes and Activities Sing about Food and Nutrition Are You Eating Tune: Are You Sleeping Are you eating, are you eating Healthy foods, healthy foods? For your body needs... Read More »

Children's Books That Promote Healthy Eating Habits – The Smile Lines

Read these popular children's books about healthy eating habits. Encouraging proper nutrition is a touch job for moms and dads. Reading together with kids' books is a great way to teach good lessons. These are fun, informative, and have colorful illustrations that children will enjoy.