Casino Gaming for $100's in Prizes

At my New Year's Eve Party at the San Ramon Marriott you can enjoy complimentary casino gaming -- Craps and blackjack. Gaming starts at about 9pm and goes until 11:15pm. Top 3 scoring players get great prizes. This is just one of the fun things you can experience at this party. The whole hotel is dedicated to the party. Other cool things: Live band, the Floorshakers, DJ+live keytarist in another ballroom. Big Balloon drop, complimentary SINGLES potluck dinner, and more!

Book Page Harry Potter Ornaments

If someone ever made me choose between Doctor Who and Harry Potter, I don’t think I could do it. I have a deep love for both and since I have long been known for my awesome Doctor Who Christmas Tree, I decided this year was the year to add a Harry Potter tree to the …

55 Best Ever Harry Potter Party Ideas

Throw an epic birthday or holiday party with these Brilliant Harry Potter Party Ideas for the greatest Harry Potter Party ever! Harry Potter DIY decor, party favors, games, recipes, food, and more for a Harry Potter Party your friends will remember for years to come!