How to grow cinnamon at home

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Wintergreen Boxwood

Bright, year long green foliage. Great shrub for small to medium size hedges. Deer, disease and pest resistant.

Before & After: A Modern Japanese Garden in North London

It's around this time of year when many people in the Northeast start to see their off-season gardening efforts come to life. In England, clients of Katrina Kieffer-Wells hired her firm Earth Designs to turn their North London garden into the calming backyard oasis of their dreams. After finishing a multipurpose basement, the family wanted to extend the style and utility of their interiors outdoors, too. Katrina designed a contemporary garden inspired by Japanese landscapes, with leafy monoch...

How to Care for Indoor Plants (a pair & a spare)

Ok so it won’t be news to you that I’m a HUGE indoor plant enthusiast. This has come on strong in the last few years, namely when we started decorating the new studio – an industrial space that desper

🌿My Urban Jungle Up North ❄️ on Instagram: “My Calathea Orbifolia is 3 years old 🍀 She i

My Calathea Orbifolia is 3 years old 🍀 She is a tropical beauty and needs more pampering then most other plants. I get a lot of questions about her; so how to succeed with Calathea? 📷 Anne Valeur My best advice: 💡Light: Medium to low light. No direct sunlight, the leaves will get sunburned. 🚿 Water and temperature: Keep the soil moist. She’s tropical and prefers to be wet and warm (perfect plant for bathrooms with windows). 🥃 Fertilizer: I us

How to Dry Hydrangeas and Make a Dried Hydrangea Wreath

Want to know how to properly dry hydrangea flowers so they aren't brittle? Looking for year round, front door wreath inspiration or ideas? Take a look at our DIY dried hydrangea flower wreath! Fall is the perfect time of year to cut back your hydrangea flowers and dry them. There IS a SECRET to making the flower heads pliable for crafting. We have the full DIY instructions for drying your hydrangeas and making a beautiful wreath!