What Does the Armor of God Have to Do With Overeating?

As Christians we possess all the weapons we need for spiritual battles--and that includes our battle with overeating! If you've tried all the diets and specialty foods, but still struggle with weight loss, check out these Bible verses about the armor of God. They'll help you learn about eating Biblically and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

5 Lifestyle Changes To Reduce The Frequency Of Migraines

Migraine relief is possible with lifestyle modifications and the sort of self-care that goes deep. In this post, we discuss migraine remedies and prevention to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks. Understand the causes of migraine. As you pin down the triggers, you can end the pain through changes in diet, exercise, and day-to-day activities.

Bible Verses on Healthy Eating

Here are 5 Bible verses that talk about faithful healthy eating, showing us what God says about food, not the latest fad diet.

How to Pray More Intentionally About Food and Fitness

It's time for a change in your diet and fitness and yet you don't even know where to start on your weight loss journey. How about you start with... prayer! Learn how to pray about diet and fitness so that you can reach your goals to lose weight and maintain your success!

Use the Armor of God to Defeat Overeating! Part 1

As Christians we know that the armor of God is given to us for our protection and to help us fighting our Christian battles. But it can also help us to be prepared in our daily struggles with dieting and weight loss! This Bible study will help you use the armor of God to find food freedom and find the weight loss motivation you've been looking for!